The long way to the franchise brand

Personal sales are the beginning of the development history of marketing and franchising. Charismatic pioneers such as Manfred Maus, Robert Kirmeier, Torsten Toeller and Johannes Kiderlen, who today are among the cornerstones of modern franchising, convinced the first partners of their business idea with their personal strength and vision and created brands of world renown with their trust and confidence: OBI, BackWerk, Fressnapf and Vom Fass. The excellent quartet of brands among today’s estimated 1,000 franchise brands, all competing for the favor of potential franchisees as well as for the customers of their partners, the all-financing consumers. Thomas von Aquinas writes around 1250 in his work “Summa Theologica”: “Markets have to serve the needs of people! – This is exactly what marketing is doing today. Marketing is an artificial word. It was formed from the words market + bring i. S. from “bring to the market”.

Market research plays an important role, i.e. the systematic and objective acquisition and analysis of information to identify and solve problems. Once a gap in the market has been identified, it must be checked for its profitability (potential) and the business model must be adapted and permanently adjusted in order to extend the competitive edge and increase the attractiveness of the franchise system. All this so that the expansion takes place faster than the opening cycle of the epigones, i.e. imitators, that quickly adhere to a dazzling business idea. In Vom Fass this was Barrique, BackWerk was followed by Back-Factory, and Fressnapf was followed by Das Futterhaus.

Marketing, understood as market-oriented corporate management, requires a concept that focuses on a market strategy. In the marketing conception the marketing of the enterprise is planned according to the model of a continuous strategy process modularly. The strategy work begins with the situation analysis, which consists of the enterprise, competition and industry analysis and flows into the SWOT analysis in such a way specified. The strengths and weaknesses of the new franchise star are mapped internally and the opportunities and risks are mapped externally.

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