Canada’s Top 10 Fashion Franchises:

Etymologically the word fashion comes from Latin and means as much as “measure”, “kind”, “(statement)wise”. The original word modus is literally translated as “measured” or “captured”. Fashion is therefore a way of expressing the measured and captured zeitgeist and is not limited to clothing, but includes jewellery, furnishings, architecture, industrial and vehicle design, travel destinations and much more.

LogoInitial Franchise FeeBusiness CommissionAdmin FeesRoyalty PaymentTo Website
CDN$ 74,000
CDN$ 70,000
CDN$ 92,000
CDN$ 60,000
CDN$ 45,000
CDN$ 90,000
CDN$ 25,000
CDN$ 120,000
CDN $80,000
CDN$ 95,000