Top 10 – These Franchises are worth it List 2019

Franchise offers are now like sand on the sea. It is extremely important for potential franchisees to find the right company for you whose concept meets your expectations.

The step into self-employment and self-reliant management sounds tempting for many employees. However, setting up your own company also entails some risks.

The business model of franchising offers a lucrative alternative to running your own business with a strong partner and a proven concept at your side. Canada’s best Franchise enterprises?

We distinguish the prominent companies of this category in Canada:

LogoInitial Franchise FeeBusiness CommissionAdmin FeesRoyalty PaymentTo Website
CDN$ 95,000
CDN$ 90,000
CDN $80,000
CDN$ 120,000
CDN$ 25,000
CDN$ 45,000
CDN$ 74,000
CDN$ 60,000
CDN$ 70,000
CDN$ 92,000

Franchising refers to an agency agreement, the granting of a licence or the granting of the right of use. Franchising is a partnership system in which an existing company passes on its business idea to company founders and expands in this way. The business idea to be passed on has therefore already been worked out, tested and in most cases further developed.

The company that does this preliminary work and passes the idea on is called the franchisor. The person who takes over the concept is called the franchisee.

You as the founder of a new business conclude a contract with the franchisor, which regulates how much license and marketing fees you have to pay, which investment costs for the equipment of a shop you have to incur and which percentage of your profit you have to cede to the franchisor.